About Me

In case you wonder who,this guy is, my name is Watson Josue. I came to this country over 15 years ago with nothing. I came from a country that offers very little to young people. I was fortunate enough to be in this great country call, America. By surrounding myself with great people who have supported me throughout my journey, I got a chance to scale up in the corporate industry. I went from being a labor worker to a Sr. Network Engineer working for top corporate companies.

But that wasn’t my dream. I want more from life, more for my family. I have been searching other ways to make multiple streams of passive income so I can have more time to spend with my family and volunteer more of my time to help others. So, I started a real estate investment business, whichis doing good but growing slow. Recently, while browsing the internet searching for ideas about starting an online business, I spotted this company called FourPercent.

Immediately, I picked up my phone and called. Luckily, the owner of the company, Vick Strizheus who happened to be available, answered my call. After a few minutes into our conversation, he introduced me to this new challenge program called “Success Challenge“. I called him 3 times that day with questions. He answered all of calls and was very patient and honest with me.  Right then, my intuition told me, this is the coach I need to work with to help me in my endeavors. Since I joined the Four Percent Challenge, my mindset completely changed. I have learned a good deal, specially while shadowing Vick going through the program himself. Therefore, I have already seen great result which would promote me to no longer depends on the 9-5 job anymore.

My Vision

I care very much for people and always look for ways to be at others’ service. That is why I started my company call “Vehicle Freedom,” just to be at service of others.

My Plan and Mission in life is to bring values to people and show love in the process. I always look for ways to connect with others and help.

I believe we all have a purpose in life. We were born to be free and do whatever make us happy. But we found ourselves condition to live a certain way which was not how the “Greatest Power” has destined for us.

If you believe your life mean more than that, and you are looking for ways to make a difference or create the life you feel that you deserve for yourself and family, checkout the The Four Percent Challenge.” 

This may be a life changing for you.