4.0 Jeep Oil Capacity Explained

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The oil in your 4.0 jeep engine is what keeps it running. To avoid engine failure and the astronomical repair bills that accompany it is always to ensure there is enough oil. But do you know the 4.0 jeep Oil Capacity? by reading this article, you will know. 

 The 4.0 Jeep engine is a robust and trustworthy piece of equipment. To keep it running well, you’ll need to keep track of its routine oil changes, which necessitates understanding how much engine oil it can hold.

For this, you don’t always need the help of a mechanic as I have given the steps to change the oil of the 4.0 jeep engine yourself, and I have given a guide on what kind of oil you should use for your 4.0 jeep engine. So, without any further do, let’s get started!

What Type Of Oil Does The 4.0 Jeep Engine Require?

Before knowing the Oil Capacity 4.0 jeep, you need to know what oil is suitable for the 4.0 jeep engine. The Jeep 4.0 requires 5W-20 or 5W-30 viscosity of any fully synthetic motor oil.

  • Advanced Full Synthetic Castrol
  • Platinum Full Synthetic Pennzoil
  • Mobil 1 High Mileage Full Synthetic
  • Valvoline Full Synthetic Advanced
  • Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic

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What Is The 4.0 Jeep Oil Capacity?

Mostly the 4.0 jeep oil capacity is 6 quarts. You need to be aware of this, though, that there are two lines at the tip of the dipstick;

  • The oil level is one quart low, according to the lower line.
  • The upper line indicates that the oil is full.

When you fill the oil up to the top level of the oil dipstick while replacing the oil filter and the engine oil, your oil will typically be filled with 5.5 quarts. However, 5.5 quarts of oil would generally be ideal for most Jeeps.

Your 4.0 Jeep oil capacity may only accept roughly 5 gallons of oil, depending on the type of oil filter you have and other considerations. Dry engines usually require 6 quarts of oil. This all means that your machine’s oil capacity is between 5 and 6 quarts of oil.

Most repair manuals advise against using more than 5 quarts of oil in your engine and state that you have a 5-quart oil capacity.

Oil Maintenance Of 4.0 Jeep Is Important

You know the Oil Capacity 4.0 jeep, but its maintenance is also essential. Your engine keeps gathering dirt and particles as you continue to use it. Simply changing your oil will get rid of or even decrease all of this extra filth. Any vehicle is susceptible to sludge build-up. Anyone may complete this in their driveway to save a little money because it is not difficult.

  • To change your 4.0 jeep oil, you need to have the following:
  • A filter wrench,
  • A socket wrench,
  • A drain pan,
  • A sealable container for the old fluid,
  • A fresh oil filter,
  • Lastly, six quarts of fresh 5W-20 or 5W-30 synthetic oil.

Steps to do for oil changing

  • Start the Jeep’s engine and let it run for five to ten minutes to get it to a working temperature.
  • Open the hood after turning off the engine and remove the oil fill cap.
  • Locate the oil drain bolt and remove it. Make sure a drain pan is ready because the old oil will start flowing immediately.
  • Use the filter wrench to eliminate the old oil filter while the oil is still draining. Apply pressure from the filter wrench to remove the filter. You can take the filter wrench out after the filter has been loosened and spin the filter off all the way. The filter is sealed against the filter mounting surface by a rubber gasket.

TIP- When you remove the filter, be sure this gasket is still on the filter and not affixed to the mounting surface. If it’s forgotten and the mounting surface needs cleaning before installing the new filter, you’ll probably experience a severe oil leak and have a lot of cleanups to do.

  • Install the replacement oil filter when the oil is in an entirely draining situation.
  • After that, replace the drain bolt and add fresh motor oil to the engine.

Regular oil changes can help you avoid these problems and give you an engine that runs much more efficiently over time and lasts a lot longer. They also ensure that your machine is adequately lubricated and keeps it from overheating.


This article concludes that 6 quarts are the 4.0 jeep Oil Capacity. The Jeep 4.0 needs any synthetic motor oil that is either 5W-20 or 5W-30 viscosity, including Mobil 1 synthetic oil and others, which I preferred above.

Additionally, the steps for changing the oil are given above and along with their importance. You can follow them to change the oil filter yourself. If you find it challenging, then any jeep repair shop can help. KEEP YOUR JEEP SAFE

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