Can You Drive With A Dented Hubcap? [Complete Answer]

Can You Drive With A Dented Hubcap

Everyone knows that hubcaps can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. However, what if one hubcap is dented? Can you drive with a dented hubcap?

Let’s find out.

Oh! If you’re in a rush, here is my quick answer.

Even though it’s possible to drive with a dented hubcap, replacing it or removing all hubcaps before re-driving is wise. This is because a dented hubcap can be loosely attached to the wheel and dangerous to pedestrians, especially when driving at high speeds.

Let’s figure out if it’s possible to drive with a dented hubcap and its significant downsides.

Is it okay to drive with a dented hubcap?

Of course, there are some circumstances where our hubcaps get damaged, such as in a serious car accident or scraping against a boulder or a curb.

Frankly, It doesn’t matter what the reason is; a dented hubcap must be replaced before driving again.

So, you shouldn’t drive with a dented hubcap. Or else, consider getting rid of all four hubcaps and driving without them.

Even though whether hubcaps are necessary is a somewhat contentious topic, there is a likelihood that the dented hubcap can get off the wheel as you drive.

Chances are it can be dangerous for pedestrians. So, replacing the dented hubcap or eliminating all the hubcaps is wise.

Finally, I’d like to remind you again, “IT IS NOT OKAY TO DRIVE WITH A DENTED HUBCAP.”

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What are the main drawbacks of driving with a dented hubcap?

Even though many people believe that hubcaps don’t serve more than cosmetic purposes, they are beneficial for your vehicle, including the following.

  1. Hubcaps protect wheel bolts & nuts from rust and corrosion.
  2. They protect wheels against dust and other debris.
  3. Hubcaps protect lug nuts from jamming.
  4. Reduce wind noise.

So, there are many good reasons why you should install hubcaps other than just for aesthetic purposes.

However, if you are a little reluctant to replace the dented hubcap and decide to drive the car as it is, you better pay attention to the rest of this article.

Because there are good reasons why you should not drive with a dented hubcap.

1. The wheel can get dirty

One of the purposes of using hubcaps is to protect the wheel from debris and dirt.

However, if the wheels are not hubcap installed, gravel or dust will become logged in the wheels over time.

Moreover, this can diminish the performance of your vehicle’s braking system.

So, a dented hubcap can have holes that open the hub area. Remember, keep the wheel bearing out of water and dirt while keeping the grease inside.

2. Lack of protection for lugnuts

As everyone knows, hubcaps can protect the lug nuts. However, a dented hubcap means a lack of protection for the lugnuts of that relevant wheel.

3. Dangerous for pedestrians

A dented hubcap can be dangerous for pedestrians as it can get off the wheel, especially when driving at a higher pace.

Can you fix a dented hubcap?

If one of the hubcaps got dented, sometimes you have to replace all of the hubcaps. So, it’s better if you can fix the dented hubcap.

But, can you do it?

This mainly depends on the extent of the damage the hubcap had. So, perhaps it can be fixed or non fixable.

First, consider popping the hubcap off and checking the rim for damages. Then, examine if the dents on the hubcap are fixable.

I found an excellent video explaining how to remove those dents from the hubcap.

However, if it’s impossible to repair the hubcap, buying a set of hubcaps is better than messing with it.

Things to be aware of.

Let’s learn a few things to be aware of as a responsible vehicle owner.

1. Safety

Always think about the safety of yourself and the pedestrian, so it’s better not to drive with dented hubcaps.

2. Don’t get rid of them

Although removing all hubcaps is aesthetically pleasing in a case where one or more hubcaps are dented, consider replacing them with another set of hubcaps, as they serve more than just cosmetic purposes.

3. Scrutinize the rim

If, in any case, one of your hub caps got damaged due to scraping against a boulder or a curb or after a car accident, be sure to check closely if the rim is damaged.

4. Check lugnuts

If one of the hubcaps got dented, don’t forget to examine the lugnuts for any damages or loosely fastened bolts.

5. Fixing the hubcap

If the dented hubcap seems okay and can be fixed, consider contacting a local auto repair garage in case you don’t know how to fix it or don’t have the necessary equipment. I guess it will cost several bucks.


It hurts when you see that one of your hubcaps is dented. So, the next question that may come to your mind is whether you can drive with a dented hubcap.

So, in this article, we’ve discussed whether it’s okay to do so and why you shouldn’t do that.

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