Can You Use Toyota Parts On A Lexus?

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Can You Use Toyota Parts On A Lexus

Have you ever wondered if you can use the parts of these two cars interchangeably? Or do you have plans of creating a Frankenstein car with the combination of parts from these two car brands and would like to know if it’s possible? Then you should check this out.

Toyota and Lexus are car brands owned by the same company, Toyota Motor Corporation, although they operate independently with Lexus being the luxury vehicle brand.

Since the same company owns them, It’s normal for anyone to wonder if the parts of these two car brands can be used interchangeably.

Yes, you can use Toyota parts on a Lexus and vice versa, as long as they have the same platform such as chassis, unibody, power train, etc. However, this doesn’t apply to all parts because Lexus and Toyota don’t share certain auto parts.

Asides from being owned by the same company, some of their vehicles have similar components, such as the Toyota 4Runner or Land Cruiser and Lexus GX.

In most cases, you can fix your Toyota or buy Toyota car parts from a Lexus dealership and also fix your Lexus or buy parts from a Toyota dealership.

This is because Toyota manufactures Lexus parts, and they mostly make the same parts for these two brands with slight differences to reduce the cost of production in general.

Several Toyota owners have had the parts of their cars switched with Lexus car parts and vice versa, and this is because these two brands have similar auto parts.

Lexus IS 250

Toyota vs. Lexus Car Parts: Which Is More Expensive?

Toyota cars are the more budget-friendly cars among the two with Lexus being the more expensive.

Because, Lexus cars are the luxury vehicle brand of Toyota, their parts are generally pricier than Toyota car parts.

In some cases where the parts of an older version of Lexus need to be fixed or changed, and it’s hard to find on the market, the only option might be to use parts of a Toyota car which are always less difficult to find and cheaper.

Therefore, it’s kind of like an advantage for someone who’s switching their Lexus car parts with Toyota car parts as they get to save a few bucks.

However, for someone who owns a Toyota, and wants to switch car parts with that of a Lexus, it’s definitely going to be more expensive because Lexus car parts are more expensive than Toyota parts.

What Parts Can Be Interchanged Between A Toyota and A Lexus?

This depends on the model of the car and whether they share the same platform as we stated earlier or not.

Most times, parts of cars that share the same platform are interchangeable.

In this case, almost all the parts of these two cars can be swapped or used on the other because they share many things in common.

It’s not unusual for Toyota car owners to tweak their cars with Lexus parts.

The Lexus GX 460 and Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 front grill are examples of such common parts cross-over.

These two cars have a lot of similarities and are sometimes mistaken for being the same car. You would find several Land Cruisers with their front grills changed to that of a Lexus GX 460 and in rare cases, vice versa.

Also, some Lexus ES series and Toyota Camry share several parts which make it possible for their parts to be used on the other.

Another example is the engines of these two brands. Several Lexus cars share the same exact engines as comparable Toyota car models and can be switched if need be.

You can switch almost any part between a Lexus and Toyota as long as they are compatible.

Final Thoughts

It’s absolutely possible to use Toyota parts on a Lexus car or Lexus parts on a Toyota car as long as they share similar platforms.

If you have intentions of switching parts between a Toyota and Lexus, you shouldn’t have a problem. Just make sure you confirm with a dealership, so you can get all the necessary information such as a compatibility list.

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