5 Common Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Problems With Solutions

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Kawasaki Brute Force 750 prob

Today we will discuss Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Problems and also solutions.

Kawasaki Brute Force: Overview

Brute Force has been a spectacular product for the company. If you are a brute force owner. Then you would be well-familiar with its benefits. The vehicle has been tested on different offroad tracks.

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 problems

Testers have used the vehicle for far-fetched miles with the same quality performance. The owners have been impressed with the ignition of this vehicle on whole. The V-twin cylinder is a fuel-injected system.

The gear shifting is another remarkable feature of the vehicle. It offers smooth shifts for rugged offroading adventures. The throttle of the brute force is quick. It well-adjusts with the accelerator when needed.

The drivers can also make the most out of the wheels of brute force. The mid-range acceleration goes well with the torque. The engine is among the most robust components of brute force.

The transmission is CVT. Its high range is enough to make you fall in love with it. The top speed will help you skyrocket the vehicle on uneven trails. The low acceleration will glide over the rocks when you are on a ride.

The engine braking system is another factor that won’t cease to amaze you. The vehicle maintains its supreme balance when going downwards on hilly tracks. The features of this vehicle are also beneficial when you want to rock crawl.

The 2WD and 4WD modes are sufficient for strong control over the vehicle. The 2WD can replace the 4WD mode in most cases. The front wheels are for giving your brute force some extra control.

These wheels contribute to a steady pace. Also, regulate the steering pressure. The differential lock system would be your sidekick for adjusting the lock with corresponding buttons.

You can change your wheels into a tighter position with this feature. If you are on a drive to a forest-based track. Then this type of differential lock system would prove to be beneficial.

It’s time to discuss Kawasaki brute Force 750 Problems!!!

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Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Problems

Major Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Problems see below

1. Produces A Loud Noise
2. Engine Takes A While To Start
3. Belt Does Not Remain In A Fixed Place
4. Troublesome Radiator Fan
5. 4WD Does Not Work

Brute force is a stunner for offroading adventures. It can be your biggest supporter if you are an offroading enthusiast. There are several admirers of this beast around the globe. However, it’s important for you to learn about certain issues.

So that you could easily cater to them if you own a brute force. In the other case when you are planning to buy a brute force. Our post would help you learn about these problems.

In this way, you will be prepared to deal with these issues if they occur during your off-roading adventures.

So let’s get you familiar with these issues in a bit!!!

1. Produces A Loud Noise

It’s something normal to all offroading vehicles. There can be some cases when the ATV makes extreme noises when it runs on the terrain. This can be due to the frequent usage of this ATV over the years.

If this happens, then you need an immediate fix for this problem. The clutch can be the root cause. The clutch of your ATV wont is acting normally. The second reason can be the fragile or loosened flywheel that would cause the system to vibrate.

This vibration would contribute to extreme noise. If these parts don’t undergo proper replacement, then your ATV can experience full failure as well.


Replace the clutch and flywheel as soon as possible if these parts are causing problems. Also, look for a seasoned mechanic who would help you narrow down this problem to save your ATV from undergoing more damage.

2. Engine Takes A While To Start

Engine problems are a common group of reported issues by the owners. If this has not happened to your ATV. Then it might occur any time sooner. So it’s better that you learn about the engine fluctuations to address this issue immediately.

Sometimes the engine does not start normally. Its starts after some time. This situation mostly occurs when the weather is too cold. The reason can be insufficient battery power.

A weak battery won’t let the engine start naturally. Sometimes the wiring can be defective. Loose wires and connections cannot give a quick spark to the engine of brute force.

There can be further reasons. However, it’s always better to identify the exact root cause. So that you would get to know about the pertinent viable solution. Make sure you rectify the engine problems in time to avoid more complications.


Conduct a full inspection of your ATV. Make sure the battery has enough power to work with the engine. Also, check the wiring and connections. Replace all the wires and other counterparts if needed. These solutions should be helpful in alleviating the engine problems for once.

Kawasaki Brute Force 750

3. Belt Does Not Remain In A Fixed Place

As you can see the subject. If your ATV’s belt cannot be in a firm position. Then it’s most likely due to a slippery belt. You already know that offroading vehicles like brute force have to lift heavy loads.

The configuration of the brute force belt is extremely sturdy. So that it would result in fine load lifting for the drivers. However, there have been reviews about the belt.

The drivers have faced belt issues on a big magnitude. If you have been stretching the belt often. Then it would become loose. It might also slip off in some cases. There is no doubt that the blets can undergo damage earlier than expected.


Replace the worn-out belt as soon as possible. Also, try to lift less load with brute force if your belt has become loose. It will help prevent any mishaps during the rides.

4. Troublesome Radiator Fan

The attachment of a radiator fan is towards the ECU. If you consider it will be plugged into the ECU system of your brute force. The radiator fans of the such vehicle can grow the problem if it starts to prevail.

The radiator fans must be in an optimal state. Or else these would damage the ATV on whole. This is another common issue with the Kawasaki Brute force. So if this happens with your brute force often.

Then, need not worry!!! Since we are giving you its effective solution.


Check the functioning of the radiator fan. If it’s defective then replace it with a newer one by seeking aftermarket services. There is nothing complicated about it. If you find it hard to replace then a mechanic would help you in this regard.

5. 4WD Does Not Work

This mode is the most crucial feature of brute force. The performance of brute force is always smooth no matter what. However, its 4WD can fluctuate in some cases.

This mode is essential for effortless offroading skills. So that the drivers won’t have to struggle with any issues during their offroading hauls. This mostly occurs due to a defective ECU.


Replace the ECU if you are facing this problem. Make sure to correctly assemble the system for activating the 4WD mode in a seamless manner.

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 prob

Major Upsides and Downsides Of Kawasaki Brute Force 750

There is no margin of doubt that your brute can undergo the abovementioned issues at some point in its lifespan. However, these issues won’t stop brute-force lovers from purchasing it.

There are some compelling upsides of brute force that you cannot resist.

So in this section, let’s have a look at the list of its upsides.


  • Offers fast-paced offroading hauls as compared to its compact size
  • Performance is divided into 2WD and 4WD modes for giving feasibility to the drivers
  • The engine is robust for flawless offroading adventures
  • It can uplift huge amounts of loads
  • Works on the environment-friendly green technology
  • Gives impressive fuel economy


  • Problematic 4WD mode
  • A faulty flywheel creates noise
  • Can be under-delivering on rugged tracks
  • The engine fails to start in winter
  • The belt is often slippery due to a lack of sustenance

Customer Feedback on Kawasaki Brute Force 750

Most brute force owners love its ability to power generation. The ATV is a mind-boggler due to its various features. Some people admire its suspension. Or the transmission is the favorite element for some drivers.

However, there are still many complaints related to this model. Most of them are those that we discussed with you earlier.


Is Kawasaki Brute Force 750 good?

The brute force offers a stunning amount of acceleration. It also gives you a remarkable top speed when you need an extra kick during your offroading adventures. The low-range acceleration has its own pros for you. All in all Kawasaki brute force 750 is an impressive investment that serves you well in the long term.

What is the HP of the Kawasaki Brute Force 750?

It would render you a 50HP on whole. The range can vary depending on the RPM.

How many loads can Kawasaki Brute Force tow?

The engine of brute force is a beast itself that can tow up to 1000-12000 pounds. This range is offered when the ATV is not using its suspension at all.

In A Nutshell

So we have compiled all the possible problems of this ATV for you. Our focus is on the typical problems that might irritate you. On a side note, you can learn more about this ATV from the pros and cons mentioned in our discussion.

Also, you can explore it from all perspectives. It will be easier for you to evaluate its feature before coming to any decision.

We hope our problems and their fixes would be of use to you!!!

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