Suzuki King Quad 400 Problems With Solutions

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Suzuki King Quad 400 Problems With Solutions

Who does not love Suzuki for its outstanding quads? If you own a Suzuki quad then it’s obvious you would use it for your offroading trips. Suzuki King Quad 400 is a remarkable addition to its lineup.

We are going to tell you why! Also, we will have a look at its drawbacks in this talk!

Suzuki King Quad 400 Problems

This ATV owns a flawless exterior configuration. It delivers power with quality. It’s among the most reliable quads offered by Suzuki to date. However, we are going to bring its problems to your notice.

You might have encountered some of these Suzuki King quad 400 problems already. Or else these can occur any time when you are enjoying your quad somewhere on an offroading terrain.

Ready to find out more? Let’s get started!

Suzuki King Quad 400 Problems:

  1. Fuel Injector Can Be A Troublemaker
  2. Engine Stalls To Start
  3. Poor Performance On Throttle
  4. Transmission Is Not Steady
  5. Engine Ablates.

1. Fuel Injector Can Be A Troublemaker

Starting with the fuel injection system of quad 400. If you are experiencing poor idling and peculiar starting of this quad. Then its fuel injector can be the root cause. Sometimes the quads often consume more fuel than usual.

Also, the emission can also be negatively impacted due to a bad fuel injector. Even if it’s blocked or broken. It would cause similar issues. Some users have reported that the engine would spontaneously start with much lesser power generation.

Bear in mind that these problems only indicate the flawed performance of your fuel injector. The defective fuel injector has also caused the quad’s mileage to be reduced to zero.

Solution: Check and replace the fuel injector before it grows bigger in size. Make sure to clean the fuel injector often so that it does not get blocked.

2. Engine Stalls To Start

The engine is another typical issue with quad 400. You can consider this quad for yourself since it does not disappoint you in cold temperatures. The engine starts normally in winter, unlike other offroading vehicles.

However, some owners tell us that when they restart their quad. The engine keeps stalling. Sometimes the engine disrupts the battery’s performance in such cases.

Your quad 400’s engine is the main component that stabilizes its performance. Any negligence to the engine can cost you a huge investment. So it’s better to not let this problem grow in size by delaying it.

An owner of a variant of quad 400 also reported that even the ignition key and start switch were active. This was in vain since the engine did not start the way it should.

The common reasons can be bad plugs and defective fuel pumps. Also, the filters need to be maintained or else they can cause engine problems too.

Solution: Repair the broken spark plugs. Check if the fuel pump is acting normally or not. Also if the filters get damaged and clogged. These fixes would stop the engine to act up abruptly.

3. Poor Performance On Throttle

Flawed idling and bad throttle-based performance are some common problems with quad 400. The fuse can be the brain teaser for you if this situation arises. When fuses undergo damage.

The engine would gradually skyrocket the quad 400. It can also reduce the standard mileage of the ATV. If the engine fits well with idling then it won’t support the throttle at all.

The engine needs a good amount of warm-up for normal initiation. After all of this frenzy, the ATV would begin to run. But soon it will get short of power. Some major causes can be defective sensors and faulty wiring.

Also if the fuel tank is not sufficient. Then these problems are obvious to occur.

Solution: Fill up your fuel tank before you make a move with your quad 400. Also, start the quad and wait for some minutes. If it runs perfectly then you are good to go. If not then a mechanic would help you in this situation.

4. Transmission Is Not Steady

Transmission problems are not typical ones. However, some owners have still encountered a bad transmission. The quad 400 can let you down when you are driving on a muddy offroading track.

The transmission of this quad cannot go well with such terrains. The vehicle starts to give a loud noise while running on a muddy trail. The wheels cannot get enough power during this situation.

The quad 400 can get short of power in different intervals of offroading. If CVT is not normal. Then the quad 400 can face transmission issues. Belt-relevant problems can also reduce the power deliverance to the wheels.

The wet clutch has some important bearings. The damaged bearings of the wet clutch can contribute to this problem as well. The tires can also be flawed due to the rigorous driving of this ATV perpetually.

Solution: Make sure to check the belt and bearings of the system. Before you replace these components. It’s important to have a look at their optimal state.

5. Engine Ablates

The engine might ablate due to frequent rash driving on offroading terrains. Sometimes any electrical component can lose its performance. It leads to engine ablation over time.

Power loss is also a consequence of this problem. Some owners had their quad 400s running normally. But soon as they passed some miles. The quad’s engine started to ablate when the idle position was low.

Sometimes the TPS sensors can undergo faults. Or the battery can be the issue as well. The wiring and terminals of the battery need to be in good shape to narrow down this problem.

Solution: It’s better to use seafoam on the fuel system so that it eliminates all the blockages from it. It will accommodate better fuel flow through the entire system. Make sure to not leave the battery’s wires and terminals unchecked. Use enough grease oil on the battery and electrical connections. These remedies can help control this issue to a large extent.

Check Out What Other Owners Think Of Suzuki King Quad 400!!

Numerous owners of quad 400 totally love their ride. This is obvious since it comes with tons of attributes for them. However, the issues with the quad 400 are still a nuisance for some people.

Offroadcare highlights some of the crucial owner’s reviews in this section. So that you can learn about this ride on a deeper level. The ride is all in all a satisfactory one.

There have no issues with this quad that could leave you in jeopardy. Some owners have appreciated its huge fuel tank. This kind of fuel tank helped them cover long miles.

Also, the seats are ergonomic and never exhaust you at all. The configuration of quad 400 is sturdy. Owing to this fact, it’s exceptional for offroading hauls. The price of this ATV is affordable. This has been a major plus point of quad 400 for its owners.

Now let’s talk about its shortcomings as well. Quad 400 has some terrible engine issues. We have discussed some of them earlier.

Also, the transmission is poor on muddy terrains. The throttle can also get problematic for you in certain circumstances.


Is the Suzuki King Quad 400 good to purchase?

Yes, it is. Quad 400 is an impressive all-rounder for you. It’s a four-wheeler and offers exceptional driving leisure for off-roading trips. The company itself is reliable for its vehicles around the globe. However, some of the quads from Suzuki are pricy.

How reliable are the Suzuki King Quads?

The Suzuki quads were the first ones that included a robust engine in their configuration. Along with a chassis that had a befitting handling. These quads are absolutely reliable for rugged hauls whenever you want to. These can remove the snow. Lift the wooden logs. Dodge the rocks when you are on a ride with Suzuki quads.

What type of engine is on the Suzuki King Quad?

It’s a 493cc engine. The engine helps your quad blaze the offroading tracks with fast-paced driving. The engine produces 39HP. However, the range can be increased when you activate the CVT transmission.

Where the Suzuki quads are produced?

Georgia, Rome is the production site of these quads. The plants to produce these quads have been functional for many years. Ever since the producers have not compromised the quality and performance of these quads for the consumers.

To Recapitulate

The power range of the Suzuki King quad 400 is extremely large. The torque produces an impressive thrust to alleviate the challenges you might face when offroading.

The skills of quad 400 would leave you surprised when you will execute it on the whole. Also, you can explore more reviews about quad 400 on the internet. So that you can get a vivid idea about its performance on different trails.

Offroadcare elaborates on the typical issues of the Suzuki King quad 400. These are all unpredictable until you face them at least once in your life. However, there’s nothing as scary as being clueless to alleviate these problems.

So we give you the corresponding solutions to these problems. So that no hurdle can cross your way when you are enjoying offroading.

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