Jeep Liberty vs Patriot 2023

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Jeep Liberty vs Patriot

The automobile sector is progressing at a rapid pace. There have been several advancements in the SUV industry around the globe. Owing to this development, automobile users experienced the joy of the Jeep Liberty vs Patriot.

Since the year 2021, both models have been successful in delivering to the consumers to the best of their specs and entire configuration. There are different choices to make in this aspect.

In this case, it becomes important to choose an appropriate automobile for daily usage. These two SUVs are typical models and have secured a good position in the hearts of consumers.

In this post, we are going to learn about these vehicles through an extensive discussion in detail.

Jeep Liberty

Jeep Liberty

The model is compelling for choice-makers due to its spectacular features. This SUV is commendable for the degree of comfort it renders to the drivers.

It is a flagship model from the company and is a practical automobile in terms of frequent utilization. It is a good alternative to the Jeep Cherokee. Due to its external configuration, there have been several admirers of this SUV among the consumer base.

The entire style along with exceptional features is attractive to investors as well. It makes the off-road experience of the users much more feasible on all counts.

The front side of the SUV is distinguished from other variants. Also, the bar grille is a straight version and gives easy access. The headlights are circular and the whole appearance is much identical to a standard jeep.

There have been different developments in terms of bumpers and fender flares that make this SUV a whole new edge over others. There is an adjustable canvas roof to enjoy the sky and its phenomenon for users without getting interrupted.

Suspension Quality

The front suspension constituents of Jeep Liberty have no parallel in the corresponding functions. However, this feature is absent in many of the relevant variants of Jeep Liberty.

There is an inclusion of an axle at the backside. The holdovers are also identical to the jeeps from different companies that are similar to the appearance of trucks. There are struts and shocks connected at appropriate positions that render firmness and balance to the vehicle.

Powertrain Capacity

The powertrain of this model is divided into three highly powerful engines. There is a gasoline-driven engine that has a capacity of 2-2.4 liters. A VL6 engine has a range of 3-3.7 liters. The third engine is a turbo diesel with a capacity of 2.8 liters.

The engines throttle the SUV from zero to a hundred with the help of an extremely powered gear system that features 6 speeds in total. There is a rear-wheel drive system or an all-wheel drive upgrade as a second option available to choose from.

Jeep Liberty is a bit behind Jeep Trackhawk in terms of speed since it has a speed of 111.87 mph which makes it slower than the Trackhawk and might not be a considerable choice for rash drivers.

The Trackhawk top speed is 170-180 mph which shows that it is a brisk SUV model. The acceleration range of this automobile is 0-60 and covers 6-6.7 seconds. So that you do not have to worry if you need to reach somewhere in a few minutes.

Interior Design Features

The interior design includes an ergonomic driver cabin with all the requisite controls for the drivers. It can ride up to 4 people for a smooth and fun journey.

The cabin for the passengers is comfortable when it comes to long drives. The fabric used in the production of all the seats is soft and provides comfort. These are inclining seats with sufficient room to keep all the passengers satisfied with this ride.

Entertainment Specifications

Two major entertainment specifications are the Sirius satellite and MyGig entertainment systems for the users. There is a special infotainment medium that uses a 30 GB hard drive to store all the preferred music, news channels, and podcasts for the users.

There is also a powerful speaker system attached to this SUV to exceed all the expectations of the users.


It is important to keep the problems that come with Jeep Liberty to avoid technical complications in the future. Since these can consume much of the investment and might be irreversible as well.

Below are some technical drawbacks of the Jeep Liberty:

  • Dysfunctional Intake Valves
  • Defective Engine Lights
  • Fluid/Oil Leakage

Jeep Patriot

Jeep Patriot

This model has 5 doors in total to provide the riders with ease and comfort. It means anyone can travel in a Jeep Patriot through any direction using multiple doors.

It performs in an impressive manner. A perfect choice to make if someone is looking for something comfortable and with different handy features. It is also reliable for off-road journeys and gives good mileage to the users.

If we compare Jeep Patriot with Jeep Trackhawk then it is obvious that the Jeep Trackhawk price ranges from $90,070 and increases as per the attributes of its variants. On the other hand, Jeep Patriot is much cheaper than Trackhawk since its price range starts from $18,000.

Interior Design Features

The interior design and the internal features along with counterparts of the Jeep Patriot can be maintained with the help of regular cleaning. It will be not wrong to say that Jeep Patriot does not need high maintenance.

The user can take support of a soft fabric to keep the components of the automobile clean and in good shape. The SUV comes with a comfortable driving seat that is totally powered.

The steering wheel has a protective covering for protection. The dashboard is easy to access and its controls are always useful. The seats can also be adjusted to make more room inside the car when needed.

It is renowned for its fun-based features. These features are liftgate speakers that help in the smooth broadcasting of digital programs. There is a special feature called the “Uconnect system” that functions with a voice command.

This feature is for changing these channels by not compromising the comfort of the driver at all. There is a special touchscreen attached for feasible utilization.

Suspension Quality

The suspension is the main feature to be attracted to. Since it is an independent type of suspension and delivers extraordinarily to the users. The suspension is multilink rear and the struts are MacPherson that render balance and sturdiness to this SUV on all sorts of driving terrains that are unsustainable to drive on from the driver’s end. This is how the suspension quality of Patriot has no parallel with its performance.

Powertrain Capacity

The SUV is supportive of gasoline and diesel-based engines both. For the gas cylinders, the powertrain capacity is 2-2.2 liters and there are 4 engines in total in terms of configuration. The diesel engines range from 2-2.4 liters as per different sizes.

The gasoline engines offer automatic 6 speeds while 5 speeds are manual. The diesel engines are 6-speed manually controlled. This feature that gives the liberty to the users to either operate the car with gasoline or diesel engines has made this SUV a favorite automobile for the users.

Both these models can be compared with Trackhawk if we want to weigh all the attributes. Let’s check out a brief overview of Trackhawk down below.

Why is the Jeep Trackhawk a good choice?

This automobile is sufficient enough to spark the thrill of adventures and trips for the users. The roof is a robust 707-hp supercharged Hellcat V-8 and makes the entire configuration of the jeep much more sturdy when it comes into action.

It can also outperform several racing cars in different features. It delivers massively to the drivers. The exterior of this SUV is subtle to look at. The cabin produced for this SUV is made from premium quality leather and renders different features that are all tech-based.

The SUV can also tow up to 7000-7200 pounds easily. The SUV also uses a Redeye version which is 797 HP which is a special feature making this car irresistible for SUV enthusiasts.

Jeep Liberty vs Patriot: Which one to go for?

The debate about choosing between both models is endless. Each of these has its own specifications for the users. The attributes of these SUVs are reliable but make it harder for the buyers when it comes to making a choice.

There is a wide range of SUV models except for the Jeep Liberty and Jeep Patriot that have the ability to meet the expectations of the users.


How much installment does Jeep Trackhawk require monthly?

$1,763.03 are required on a monthly basis. It is better to communicate with the car dealer for the accurate procedure of installments for Trackhawk.

How many miles does a Jeep Trackhawk cover?

Tarckhawk covers a complete journey of 320 miles on a charge of 7.7 gallons in the case of a Gasoline engine.

Is it true to call the Jeep Trackhawk the fastest SUV?

Yes, it is true. Trackhawk consumes about 950-956 kilowatts or 1000-1300HP and the torque range is 2033Nm which accelerates the car to cover long distances. This makes it the second fastest drive in the world and has no parallel in the UK.

Summing it up

SUVs have made a solid stance among their lovers over the years. These are getting more tech-based and automated to render ease, comfort, and safety to users. In this post, we have compared some major specifications of both SUVs for those who are confused to choose one from them.

Also, there is always another side of the picture. It is important to know about the setbacks that limit these SUVs in some functions. So that you can enjoy the experience of a new ride with your friends and family in the long run by making an appropriate decision.

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