Jeep Easter Eggs: 7 Ideas to Look For

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Did you know your Jeep has a fun hidden surprise for you? For almost 25 years, Jeeps have featured “Jeep Easter egg,” and you may not be aware of this fantastic feature your Jeep has after years of use. But now you will know entirely about this hidden feature, its history, its types, and where it is located in your Jeep.

The company makes jeep Easter eggs to celebrate Jeep’s lengthy heritage. Jeep owners are almost as familiar with these obscure symbols, creatures, and emblems as they are with the Jeep logo itself. Jeep owners might wish to take a closer check at their vehicles, turning out that the vehicles include a ton of “Jeep Easter eggs,” including messages, animal drawings, and other items.

Not all jeeps have this feature. Some Jeeps have these hidden jeep easter eggs features that are trickier to find than others. This guide will help you to know some of the most well-known Jeep Easter eggs and their locations to assist you in finishing your hunt. So, let’s get started!

Insider tells us, “A handful of Jeep owners have recently become enthralled with the challenge of finding tiny designs of characters, animals, and objects that are carved or painted on their cars. One TikTok user, Jackie Foster, revealed his Jeep’s “Easter egg” in a video on Tuesday, which sparked a fascination in Jeep cars’ whimsical shapes.”


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History Of Jeep Easter Eggs

Since the 1990s, every Jeep car has included a unique feature known as an “Easter egg,” and most people didn’t know about it.

When Michael Santoro, the vehicle’s designer, wanted to leave his stamp on the Wrangler redesign by inserting the recognizable seven-slot grille impression into the car’s cowl, the first-ever Jeep Easter egg was the result.

The hidden jeep easter egg design was sparked by the grille design, which improved airflow into the car. There are specific widely accepted explanations, but the truth is that Jeep has a rich history that has influenced off-road history, and its Easter eggs reflect this heritage.

What Are Jeep Easter Eggs?

Jeep easter egg is not the same as the regular colorful eggs that children hunt for on Easter, but rather a surprising, hidden element that is given to a product as a bonus. Because they can be challenging to find and are small delights, people refer to these little visual gifts as “Easter eggs.”

A concealed trademark element or design flourish known as a “Jeep Easter Egg,” also named “Jeep hidden animals,” demonstrates a brand’s long history and dedication to perfecting even the most minor details.

Hidden Jeep Easter Eggs

Hidden jeep easter egg is of many kinds which have been found since people started knowing about them. The most famous of them discovered on different jeeps are given below.

jeep easter eggs flip flop

Spider jeep Easter egg

The spider is made inside the gas cap and is uttering the Italian greeting “Ciao baby,” which means “hi” or “hello.”

Gecko jeep easter egg

The gecko can be found there or close by, underneath the wipers. This Easter egg might be simpler to find because it is one of the biggest. If you didn’t notice it, this is because it’s very challenging to view immediately.

Jeep logo easter egg

This Jeep surrounds your Jeep’s windshield. The windshield is just one of the many places to view this logo. Additionally, you can find them along the borders of the wheels. Compared to other hidden jeep easter eggs, this one is simpler to find.

Jeep Cherokee easter egg

Jeep Cherokee owners have discovered a sticker of a tiny Jeep scaling a mountain in the center of their windshield. This Easter egg serves as a reminder of the 1941 Willy Jeep deployed in World War II. The back seat’s plastic has another fantastic Easter Egg cut into it in the Jeep Cherokee.

Logo for WWII Willy’s Easter egg

Jeeps include Willy’s Jeep emblem in several locations. The head/tail lights are one area where you won’t notice them. They can also be found on the mount for the rearview mirror.

Morse code jeep easter egg

One of the most excellent Jeep Easter Eggs has to be this one! It is located below the pedals on the left footrest. It reads Sand, Snow, Rivers, and Rocks when written in Morse code.

Loch ness monster jeep Easter egg

This element resembles the famous Loch Ness Monster and is located in the rear-window ornamentation; its history is yet to be explained by the Jeep brand.

How to Find Hidden Jeep Easter Eggs

Jeep owners might wish to take a closer check at their vehicles: It turns out that the vehicles include a tone of “Jeep Easter eggs,” including messages, animal drawings, and other items.

These hidden features can be more challenging to uncover in some Jeeps than others. List some of the most well-known jeep easter egg locations for your convenience.

  • A Willys Jeep climbing a problematic hill is depicted in the windshield of a Jeep Wrangler.
  • A set of flip-flops can be seen on Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator’s front end.
  • A little gecko (found on the dashboard of a Jeep Compass) The Loch Ness Monster may be seen on the Jeep Compass’s back glass. The bottom of gas cans on previous Jeeps is represented by an X, which is also evident in the Jeep Renegade’s tail lights, cupholders, and roof.
  • A “ciao, baby!”-proclaiming spider can be seen on a Jeep Renegade’s gasoline door.
  • A tiny sasquatch can be seen on the Jeep Renegade’s back windshield.
  • The redline on the tachometer of the Jeep Renegade has a dot of orange paint.
  • A topographical map of Moab, Utah, is located in the center console cubby of the Jeep Renegade.
  • The number “419” may be carved onto the rear of some Jeep Gladiator Toledo, Ohio, where it is produced, has this area code.
  • Jeep has a long history in American history. Some Jeeps include a C-pillar vent in the shape of the American flag to honor this history.
  • The seven-slot grille is widely found on most Jeep models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hidden easter eggs in all jeeps?

No, There is a secret Easter egg in the Jeep Gladiator, Compass, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Renegade, and Wrangler.

On my Jeep, where can I find the easter eggs?

Some Easter eggs are simple to find, but not all of them. To find your own, you should explore the entire inside of your car. Examine your steering wheel, taillights, and the area between your floor mats carefully.

When did Jeep Easter eggs first appear?

The first Jeep to feature an Easter egg was the Wrangler in 1997. Instead of an animal, the owners discovered a replica of the seven-slot grille under the cowl panel.

Wrapping it up

Jeep easter egg concludes that these tidbits of visual art are referred to as “Easter eggs,” both about their mysterious location and meant to honor Jeep’s famous past. These concealed things, creatures, and emblems are almost as well-known among owners as the Jeep logo while being a little more cryptic.

Officials and design teams at Jeep have stayed up with the times, coming up with fresh and imaginative ways to surprise owners with hidden visual pleasures on each vehicle.

Inside the Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, and Renegade, you may now find Jeep Easter eggs. Jeep vehicles are not only full of mysteries but also among the world’s most dependable automobiles!

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