Yamaha Kodiak 700 Top Speed, Features, Problems & Solutions

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Yamaha Kodiak 700

Today, we will discuss 7 Common Yamaha Kodiak 700 problems Top Speed, and features.

The latest version of the Yamaha Kodiak 700 does not cease to amaze you. It’s a comfortable ride if you need to travel for long hours. The company takes great pride in the performance of this remarkable ATV.

All in all, all ATV enthusiasts would love to add this ATV to their collection. There is no doubt that Kodiak 700 is a dependable vehicle. The frame and configuration of the Kodiak 700 endure all the challenges of offroading terrains.

However, there are some drawbacks of Kodiak 700 too. We will study the Yamaha Kodiak 700 from different aspects in this post so that you can easily learn about this ATV before making a decision!

Ready to explore the Yamaha Kodiak 700 with us? Let’s get started!

Yamaha Kodiak 700 Top Speed

One of the major highlights of the Yamaha Kodiak 700 is its top speed for the drivers. It has been impressive throughout the delivery of the Kodiak 700 latest version.

The top speed of the Yamaha Kodiak 700 is 64mph. By adding throttle to this range. You can increase the thrust to the Kodiak 700 when needed. The adjustable speed of the Yamaha Kodiak is a splendid feature to make your offroading hauls much more feasible.

Trend Of Yamaha Kodiak 700 Top Speed Over The Years

The Yamaha Kodiak 700 offers fail-proof performance due to its reliability and durable nature. There are numerous tech-based features on the Kodiak 700. One of them is the Ultramatic Transmission.

The top speed of the Yamaha Kodiak 700 has been undergoing different modifications. From 50mph to 64mph top speed of the latest version of Kodiak 700. You can trust its pace when you need it on challenging off-roading adventures.

Now that you have learned about the top speed of the Yamaha Kodiak 700. It’s time to learn about some major Yamaha Kodiak 700 problems!

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Yamaha Kodiak 700 Top Speed

Major Yamaha Kodiak 700 problems

1. Engine Gets Overheated

This ATV runs on a single cylinder. It means the pressure on the cylinder is always more when you consider it. This one-cylinder can produce more noise as compared to dual-cylinder quads from Yamaha.

The single cylinder will also not be able to generate enough power. Besides, the cylinder sometimes gets overheated due to frequent driving. Such issues occur when you are on a move to different offroading terrains.


If you notice overheating of the engine, use a radiator and a muffler to the rack at the back side of Kodiak 700 to narrow down this problem.

2. Poor Air Filter Performance

Sometimes the air filter can get too weak to resist dust and dirt. So the air filter gets clogged with debris over time. The air filter’s performance can become a huge problem for you to cater to later.

It can also damage the parts like valves and pistons. The vehicle consumes more oil. The engine does not perform naturally too.


Use filter grease to solve the issue. Check the placement of the filter and reposition it. Maintain your air filter if you like to offroad on dusty trails.

3. Fumes When Started

In some cases, you might notice some fumes coming from the Kodiak 700 when started. Not only this but the Kodiak 70 can refuse to start in extreme cases. This is a common issue with all the versions of Kodiak 700.


Check the valves when you see the fumes coming out often.

4. Difficult Ignition In Winter

The engine becomes challenging to start in cold temperatures. Despite the fact that it has an electrical ignition system. This problem can still give you a tough time. The main cause can be the damaged decompression spring.


Consult a mechanic to replace the decompression spring rather than do it on your own.

5. Troublesome Acceleration

Some offroading terrains need a good amount of acceleration from your vehicle. Sometimes the engine cannot deliver its best due to a faulty air filter. Poor air filters can impact the combustion of the engine as well.

This reduces the acceleration of the engine. The main causes can be erratic combustion and air filter defects.


Make sure to check out the air filter and the gas flow through the system to rectify this setback.

6. Bad Steering System

This is a spontaneous issue reported by several owners. It can grow bigger in size if not addressed in time. The steering column support can be damaged leading to a problematic steering system.

However, this issue is not common with all the Kodiak models. However, taking care of the steering system can prove to be helpful.


Check and replace the steering column support or seek mechanical assistance for this problem.

7. Noisy With 2WD and 4WD Modes

During the procedures of modification. Your Yamaha Kodiak 700 can lose its axles and bearings. This results in the production of noise when you accelerate the Kodiak 700.

The defective axles can be the main reason behind this noise. However, it’s important to learn about some precautions while addressing this problem.


Make sure to detach the driveshaft while detecting the issue to avoid further damage that can be fatal for the Kodiak 700.

Yamaha Kodiak 700 Features

  1. Engine: The engine is a robust 686cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke variation.
  2. Transmission: V-belt and all-wheel transmission.
  3. Seat Height: A 33.9 inches ergonomic seat for the passengers.
  4. Fuel Capacity: The ATV consumes 4.8 gallons when on the run.

Yamaha Kodiak 700 Specs

1. Engine:

  • Type: 686cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke
  • Fuel Delivery: Yamaha Fuel Injection YFI, 44mm
  • Final Drive: Lever operated 2WD/4WD with shaft

2. Suspension:

  • Front Suspension: Independent double-wishbone
  • Back Suspension: Independent double-wishbone with anti-sway bar.

3. Brakes:

  • Front Brakes: Dual Hydraulic Disc
  • Back Brakes: Multi-disc wet brake.

4. Tires:

  • Front Tires: AT25x8-12 Maxxis MU19
  • Back Tires: AT25x10-12 Maxxis MU 20.

Pros and Cons Of Yamaha Kodiak 700

1. Pros:

  1. The engine is a reliable one to use for effortless and noiseless offroading activities.
  2. The latest version has Ultramatic dependable CVT Transmission.
  3. The performance with the ground clearance on offroading terrains is impressive.
  4. The ATV is easy to handle due to its compact configuration.
  5. The weight upholding capacity of the Kodiak 700 is about 308 lbs which are sufficient for the owners.

 2. Cons

  1. The Kodiak 700 is unsupportive on hilly terrains and can be disappointing when turning around the corners.
  2. The engine is prone to overheating and produces noise while offroading.
  3. The Air filter can be vulnerable to debris.

Yamaha Kodiak 700 Owner’s Feedback

A majority of the Kodiak 700 owners are satisfied with the performance of the ATV. There were many positive reviews. However, some owners stepped forward to suggest some recommendations for the Kodiak 700.

Some owners wanted Yamaha to heed the air filter and engine problems. Since these are the major problems that complicate the offroading for the owners. Some users also compared the Kodiak with the Grizzly.

Since the configuration of Kodiak 700 is compact. It’s much easier to handle than Grizzly on off-roading terrains. The owners love the EPS delivered by the Kodiak 700 rather than Grizzly’s.


What is better? Yamaha Kodiak or grizzly?

The Yamaha Kodiak 700 is a compact ATV as compared to the Grizzly. Therefore this ATV is slow-paced and sturdier to uphold the challenges of rugged offroading. The Yamaha Grizzly is considerable for its impressive acceleration and top speed. The external configuration of these ATVs is identical, but the size is the main distinction between the two ATVs.

How reliable is Kodiak 700?

There is no doubt that the Yamaha Kodiak 700 is a failproof ATV in terms of reliability since it’s a rec-utility 4×4. Its owners have encouraging reviews so far as they appreciate its trustworthiness. It’s an affordable choice to make for people who are budget-oriented. The Yamaha Kodiak 700 has an automatic 4WD mode that delivers extra pace compared to its natural displacement.

What about Yamaha Kodiak 700’s engine?

Yamaha has installed some robust engines in configuring its Kodiak 700 models. It’s a 686cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke engine in the Kodiak 700. The engine gives an excellent throttle to the ATV when it needs it the most. So all in all you don’t have to worry about the Yamaha Kodiak 700’s engine when you are on the go with your ATV.

Wrapping it up

Offroadcare reviews the incredible Yamaha Kodiak 700 from all the dimensions for you. So that you can easily have a vivid idea about its functionality. Besides all the good things about this ATV.

You must not overlook its downsides as well. The abovementioned problems gave them a hard time to the owners before. Do not let these problems come your way. We give you possible solutions for them for easy handling. Kodiak 700 is not an expensive choice to consider.

It’s a budget-friendly ATV with tons of features and specifications for you. You will now find it easier to manage your offroading adventures with your Yamaha Kodiak 700 through our help!

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