Coleman 550 UTV Review 2023: Everything You Need to Know

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Coleman 550 UTV Review

The variants of Coleman UTV are all impressive. Some of its models are side-by-side. These are reliable when you want to accelerate the gas. Unleash the full power of this UTV.

Such Coleman models make dependable offroad partners as well through their performance. We talk about Coleman 550 UTV review in this post for you in detail!

Let’s dig a bit deeper into a brief into Coleman UTV. It is a beast! By beast, we mean that it gives tough time to uneven offroad trails. Comes with aluminum-made wheels. The winch is stealthy. Weighs about 3500 lbs.

Also, there is a roof to Coleman UTV models. The vehicle is good for terrains like farmlands and snowy tracks.

Some Details About Coleman 550 UTV

The Coleman 550 UTV comes from a Chinese producer. It is among the side-by-aside models of the company. Its been widely used for many years. Especially the American owners seem to be really happy with their offroading ride.

The Coleman 550 UTV can also be a viable substitute for other pricey offroading beasts. The attributes of this one are totally affordable for you. Making a good alternative to those giants.

The vehicle comes with a roof configuration.  Also, the windshield comprises dual pieces. There are side mirrors present in this UTV. The shocks run with the help of nitrogen.

There are special turn signals as well. The electronic power steering of the vehicle is exceptional.

Coleman UTV Reviews: Everything about the vehicle

Coleman 550 UTV: Some Compelling Facts

This model is an outstanding choice to make if you come to that end. These models go through an extensive process of quality control. From gear to the components.

Everything has to be analyzed and tested. This is an important factor to shortlist the most competent offroad vehicles. These are among those vehicles that a Chinese producer produces.

These are efficient to surpass the EPA/CARD criteria as well. There is a special range of temperature of 22-26 degrees. The engineers have to maintain this range during production.

It avoids the risk of contraction of many sensitive parts of UTVs.

Coleman 550 UTV: Best Features


The specs of the engine would make you fall in love with it. The engine of Coleman 550 UTV has four strokes. The cylinders functions on liquid cooling. There is a bore stroke also present in the engine. It offers an impressive displacement of 500-546 cubic cm.

The compression ratio is a reliable one of 9.6:1 given by this UTV. The engine delivers the power of 20-22.5HP, which highlights the engine’s specs. The engine uses a fuel economy of 7.4 gallons or 28L.


The powertrain of the vehicle is automated. Gives off dual speeds. Align with CVT transmission feature. These specs are for easy handling of a Coleman product. The rear is also dual. Including a 2WD and 4WD rear system. The gear also offers electronic power steering. The EFI is Delphi and is important for rendering extra reliability.

Ignition Power

The ignition is electrical. There is a dedicated switch that controls the ignition. There is a special 300-CCA Cold Crank Amp battery that uses 12 volts for this UTV.

Lubrication Range

The lubrication range/oil capacity of this UTV is different in terms of the oil filter. The best options for lubricant are SAE 10W-40 and 10W-30 oils for the best performance of this UTV. For brakes, DOT 3 brake fluids are always reliable.


The wheels are of Aluminum. The front wheels are AT26 X 9-14. While the wheels at the back are AT26 X 11-14. The base of the wheels is also suitable. These are for giving the vehicle balance on tough terrains.


There are wet discs at the front brakes. The rear brakes have pedal-braking axis brakes. Some UTV models from Coleman also have special hydraulic disc brakes that are ventilated.


Both the suspensions at the front and back come packed with two A-arms. These are nitrogen-filled MacPherson arms. The suspension gives a turning radius as well which is impressive. This provides extra stability to the vehicle. The best benefit of the 4WD system is that it resists slipping. Also gives easy access to the locking modes with a tap of a button.

Coleman UTV Reviews: Everything about the vehicle

Coleman 550 UTV Reviews

Coleman 550 is a huge asset for offroading lovers. It’s a flawless combination of remarkable features. The fan base of this UTV has all the members. Some love it but some also criticize it for some reasons.

Below are some honest reviews for this UTV:

  1. Coleman models have only a year warranty, unlike other models.
  2. The UTV comes with all the important equipment and accessories. In rare cases, you would be needing something to buy.
  3. The vehicle gives satisfactory acceleration when it’s slow-paced
  4. As compared to the components of this UTV, the displacement is spectacular.
  5. The engine braking is a heart stealer for the Coleman 550 UTV owners.
  6. These UTVs are completely affordable and also serve impressively in the long run.


One major error with this UTV is that it has slippery seat belts. The muffler is not stealthy. Also, the vehicle has loose nuts and bolts. The suspension fails to work with its dampeners.

In this section, let’s have a look at the common problems with Coleman 550 UTV  for you!Some owners have also reported that the engine gets overheated. Different solutions can cool down the engine. First off it’s better to attach two fans. Make changes to the hood. Also placing the cooler near the radiator.

See what owners have to say about this UTV:

  1. UTV starts to undergo bumps when driven at a high pace.
  2. The seats are smaller and make the drivers exhaustive on long offroading trips.
  3. The UTV does not support brakes with different types of transmission. So the drivers have to use parking brakes all the time.
  4. There is no proper shock adjustment system in the UTV.
  5. The suspension settings take some time to adjust with the type of trail they have to face.

 Who makes Coleman UTV?

Hisun Motors is the current producer of Coleman UTV 550. The producer is functional in China. The ratings of Hisun are interesting. It is among the top 6 seasoned products of UTVs in America.

The professionals of Hisun leverage their engineering skills to produce such high-standard UTVs for consumers. Due to this reason, there have been several lovers of Coleman UTVs around the world.

The company aims to make offroading a feasible experience for enthusiasts. Hisun is a leading manufacturer of UTVs for different brands. Also, its quality check on its products is substantial.

So that the consumers can enjoy their Coleman 550 UTV on all counts in a fearless way.


Does Hisun produce good side-by-side UTVs?

Yes. Their side-sides are reliable in terms of overall performance. These are mid-range vehicles. Come under a reasonable price. The drivers must use the UTV as per its nature.

What is the top speed of the Coleman 550 UTV?

The top speed of this UTV is 45 mph. The power delivered by the system is 35HP. The air filter is of quality. There are little or almost no restrictions to this filter. The exhaust system is spectacular. The wheels are shorter for brisk movements.

What is the price of Coleman 550 UTV?

The average price is $9,000-$10,000. The price can reduce during different sales. Different distributors would sell this UTV for $8,000-$8,600.

In a Nutshell

People have their own perspectives on the Coleman 550 UTV. Some people completely rely on it while others look for second options. However, our job in this post was to give you all the details of this UTV.

There is no doubt that Coleman 550 UTV beats the giants of this industry. It features remarkable features that make it outperform its competitors. Make sure you have gone through the complaints of this UTV at large.

So that there will be no hustle later for you. Since this UTV has also faced criticism from the owners, therefore it’s important to learn about its problems to avoid complications for yourself during offroading.The specs of this UTV are also impressive. The best part about Coleman 550 UTV is its affordability.

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