5 Common Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Problems with Solutions

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Kawasaki Mule Pro MX

Kawasaki mule pro MX is one of the most popular leading countless-user vehicles. This Kawasaki mule made the lighter task much easier for their users with the help of the big wheels and ample power.

By using this amazing Kawasaki mule you can perform many of your tasks easily from framing to adventures.  This vehicle has tried to resolve many of the bugs that were found in their engine but most of it didn’t solve yet most of the Kawasaki mule pro MX problems users face are discussed below.

Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Problems

Most Common Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Problems

The most common problems of Kawasaki mule pro MX that most of their customer’s face are discussed here and also try to discuss their solution how to solve these problems and how to avoid these issues that are commonly faced by users of Kawasaki mule pro-MX

The common Kawasaki Mule Pro MX problems are:

  • Overheating Problem
  • Misfiring Issue
  • Power Loss Issues
  • Idling Problem
  • No Mirrors on the Sides

We are going to have a detailed discussion of these problems. Don’t worry, you can solve these issues with authentic information and guidance.

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1. Overheating Problem:

Many of the utility tasks vehicles have a heating problem, which is also found in Kawasaki mule pro-MX. The front seat of this vehicle is heated when you ride it for a long time and the heat comes out from the side of the seat which is unbearable for the driver to sit on. The temperature increases over 45 degrees and it is solemn problem that is not insignificant. After research, it was observed that the main cause of this problem is engine throttling or a clogged radiator.


To resolve this issue, you need to check the Kawasaki mule radiator. Normally it becomes blocked and not works properly to stop heat dissipation. The easiest way to solve this matter is to remove the radiator clean it and fix it again. This may resolve your issue if the heat issue of the Kawasaki mule is still not being solved then the problem will be in the engine for this you have to install a new engine.

2. Misfiring Issue:

Usually, the Kawasaki mule pro-MX has this problem not starting its engine when you are trying to start it. As you press the button to start its engine but its sparks misfire. There are many reasons for this misfire like the spark plug is damaged or you have to check the UTV battery has enough power to start its engine or it may need to recharge for starting the engine. Or the problem might be in the vacuum system of the engine.


To resolve this issue, you have to observe other things like your engine might be popping sounds that’s means it didn’t get enough air because of this it starts heating or misfiring. You have to remove the fuel filter and clean it completely by cleaning the fuel filter the misfiring issue may resolve. If this will not work for you then you need to check the sparkplug. Often there will be dust due to which the engine causes a misfire to clean it completely and fix it. The last solution to this problem is to change your older engine with a new one this will work.

3. Power Loss Issues:

Power loss is one most common issues in Kawasaki mule is found. This would happen when the engine of the Kawasaki mule grows 6 to 7 years old it may reduce its performance or might cause a power loss issue. It also limits performance in heavy-duty tasks. To avoid this power loss issue don’t ride with a Kawasaki mule on too stiffer hills this causes power loss or if you ride on the stiffer hill for a long period of time then the chances of power loss will increase.


To resolve, this issue try to ride at a 15-degree angle this will not cause problems and you can drive smoothly but if you ride on a stiffer hill then it may hurt the engine, and power loss will happen.

4. Idling Problem:

The idling problem is very common in Kawasaki mule pro-MX. This problem starts when you keep your vehicle idle for a long period then your UTV will not start quickly. This will happen mostly in cold weather than tropical ones. When the Kawasaki mule didn’t use for a long time then its air filter and fuel system become dirty and blocked. So when you try to start the mule it didn’t get proper fuel and sir that’s why it didn’t start.


To avoid this problem, try to clean their fuel, air filters, and carburetor properly.  If you don’t use the UTV for long period, then try to cover it properly to stop residue and dust it will help you to keep your vehicle in good condition. Or in the winter season try to press the pedal for more than 20 seconds it will help the vehicle to make it warm and start.

5. No Mirrors on the Sides:

The main problem with Kawasaki mule pro-MX is that it has no mirrors on its sides to view the backside view. This is a very major problem as it will limit your visibility. While driving the Kawasaki mule pro-MX you don’t know what is coming behind you. due to the lack of mirrors, the driver will not know what is coming behind him or whether is it a good time to apply break or not. The rider of the Kawasaki mule will always be in doubt about what to do next.


To avoid this problem, you have to install side mirrors by yourself that will help you to drive safely and smoothly. The mirror installment will only take a few minutes but it helps you to ride easily without any doubt.


Most users face different problems while using Kawasaki mule pro-MX. Some of these we have discussed above and also provide solutions on how to avoid these issues.  Some issues are completely out of the user’s hands.  And some can be resolved by making some efforts. The best way to prevent such issues is to maintain your UTVs, fuel filter, spark plugs carburetor, and, air filter clean. It will help you get the greatest result from the Mule Pro MX. Frequent condition monitoring, as well as sensible riding, are some other ways to decrease the incidence of these disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How much is a mule pro-MX?

ANS: The Kawasaki mule pro-MX has a single-cylinder engine. the power plant in mule pro-MX is a fuel injector with four valves SOHC unit which makes about 45 hp. The Kawasaki mule, pro-MX has two seats in which two passengers comfortably fit, and most importantly the cost of the Kawasaki mule pro-MX is 11,199$ which is very reasonable for this kind of amazing vehicle.

Q2: Does mule Pro MX have power steering?

ANS: Every Kawasaki mule pro-MX model has the feature of this amazing power steering facility and a tilt wheel with LED/ halogen headlights. The medium size of this vehicle is a little bit narrower as compared to the full-size pro series which allows the seating for two instead of three or six passengers.

Q3 Will a Kawasaki Mule fit in a pickup?

ANS: The MULE SXTM line of side x sides, styled after their full-size MULETM PRO siblings, packs a lot of muscle into such a small and agile two-passenger vehicle. All the while fitting in the bed of even a full-size pickup truck.  Handle a wide range of jobs while treading softly and maneuvering in small spaces – 

Q4: What size is a mule Pro MX?


Overall Length 110.0 in

Overall Width 60.0 in

Overall Height 74.4 in

Curb Weight  1587.6 lb.*

Wheelbase    78.9 in

Q5: How can I make my Kawasaki Mule Pro MX faster?

ANS: It is very much easy to increase the speed of the Kawasaki mule pro-MX if just follow the instructions

1) Just make sure the tires are fully inflated because the flatter tires may cause to slow the speed of the vehicle.

2) Try to disable the governor that is another way to increase the speed at the highest level.

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