10 Common Hisun Sector 750 Problems with Solutions

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Common Hisun Sector 750 Problems

The Hisun Sector 750 UTV is a remarkable offroading ride if you consider it. Its attributes are astonishing when you leverage its full potential. The range of its characteristics is endless. We are going to review sector 750 in detail for you.

Hisun Sector 750 UTV’s configuration is for upholding the worst challenges of offroading hauls. There have been some issues with sector 750 for the owners. These problems need to be rectified in time.

So that you can easily narrow them down when on a ride with your sector 750.

Are you ready to find the problems with the solutions with us?? Let’s get started!

Common Hisun Sector 750 Problems

According to several Hisun sector 750 reviews, here are some issues you may face;

  1. Power Is Not Enough
  2. Engine Keeps Stalling
  3. Engine Gets Overheated
  4. Engine Stops Spontaneously
  5. Gear Shifting Is Problematic
  6. Clutch Is Dysfunctional
  7. Coolant Leaks
  8. Poor Battery Performance
  9. Inappropriate Transmission
  10. Defective Tires.
Common Hisun Sector 750 Problems

1. Power Is Not Enough

Sometimes the engine can undergo technical faults. Owing to these issues the engine will act up during your offroading activities. Insufficient power generation can also be behind the fluctuations of the engine.

So in this case, it’s important to deal with this setback as early as possible.


Check and replace the filters and injectors. Cleaning them to remove blockage would also help. Fill up your fuel tank completely to narrow down this issue. The spark plug and ignition coil can also undergo damage leading to a faulty engine. The crankshaft can also be the reason so replace it if needed.

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2.  Engine Keeps Stalling

Another engine-relevant problem is that the engine stalls. In some cases, the owners made several attempts to start the engine. Any interruption with the fuel flow can cause this problem for you. Let’s see what would be the fixes for this issue!!!


Have a look at all the fuel system components. The fuel tank should not be having water and if it does then dry out the water immediately. The battery and its parts should be in an optimal state.

Use appropriate oils as per their densities and temperatures. Clean the air filter if you notice some clogging. The drive belt should also be in a good shape to narrow down engine stalling.

3. Engine Gets Overheated

Sometimes the engine can get overheated. This irritates the driver since the cabin’s temperature might also rise due to the engine’s overheating. This normally happens when the coolant is not enough to reduce the engine’s temperature.

Extra load on the engine can also exert pressure on it leading to overheating.


Always rely on the vented engine for effortless air ventilation through the system. Debris in the radiator can also overheat your engine. Use dual fans to cool down the temperature quickly. Wrap the engine to manage exhaustion in a hassle-free way. Use tree shade for parking your sector 750 to avoid overheating.

4. Engine Stops Spontaneously

You might have to face this problem often. The engine of sector 750 stops suddenly while running. Don’t worry, we have a fix for this problem too!


Fill up the fuel in the tank that would be beneficial. Also, the injectors and the fuel tank need to be checked and replaced if needed. Battery components can be defective that need replacement. Harnesses might also need mechanical assistance to alleviate the issue.

5. Gear Shifting Is Problematic

Gear shifting is a typical problem with sector 750. Problems with the gear can make it difficult for you to make confident movements with your vehicle. It also fluctuates the speed of sector 750.

In this case, driving can be dangerous for you to handle. To tackle this problem, you need valid fixes to rectify such a problem.


Sometimes bearings can be damaged that need a quick replacement. See if the cooling system is properly active or not. Also, make sure that the clutch springs and fiber plates are in good shape or not.

6. Clutch Is Dysfunctional

The clutch of your sector 750 directly relates to the gear. Sometimes due to the dirt buildup, the clutch can lose its performance. So in this case, the driver cannot run the vehicle for long miles.

A faulty clutch can be a huge nuisance. A bad clutch can lead to further damage to your vehicle that can get out of control. So it’s better to learn about its solutions.


Change the faulty clutch in the first place. Maintain your clutch properly to keep it intact. If these solutions don’t help narrow down the problem then use a mechanic’s help.

7. Coolant Leaks

The job of a coolant is to flow around the engine to not let it overheat. Sometimes this coolant leaks and does not perform its job efficiently. Due to a lack of coolant for the engine. The engine gets overheated.

Other problems also arise owing to this citation. Coolant leaks can cause your vehicle huge damage.


Always keep a check on the coolant to avoid leakages. Replace the old coolant with a new one to maintain its nature to play its role. Use a sufficient amount of coolant. Try not to exceed the range since it can cause damage to your sector 750. Check the radiator clamps. If they appear blue then it’s time to replace them quickly.

8. Poor Battery Performance

The battery can get easily damaged in case you have been using your sector 750 for many years. A worn-out battery cannot help you with fearless and uninterrupted offroading adventures.

Damaged batteries also resist the vehicle to organically start as well. It’s better to have a look at all the pertinent battery components. Make sure they are good in shape. If not then you need to follow some important solutions that we are mentioning below!


Use a testing tool like a voltmeter to see the performance of the battery. Charge the battery in case of inadequate charging. In case, you see no improvement in the battery performance. Then it’s better to replace the battery soon. The carbon terminal of the battery must not be solidified. Clean the terminal if there is solidification.

9. Inappropriate Transmission

When you change the gears of your sector 750. There is a high chance that the transmission would be impacted in a bad way. Poor transmission can target the ignition of your ride as well.

Some drivers have also noticed this happening. So it’s obvious that when the transmission breaks down. Your ignition would be directly influenced due to it.

Leading to the full failure of sector 750. However, there are some good fixes for this problem. Have a look at them!


Motor oil is the best option to go for usage. Adhesive oils are not suitable so avoid using them. CVT belt might be damaged that needs replacement. During cold temperatures, palace your vehicle in warm regions to avoid this issue.

10. Defective Tires

The tires of the majority of the offroading vehicle are sturdy. The tires are big and endure all the hitches that offroading terrains throw at them. Sometimes the tires of sector 750 can undergo problems that need accurate fixes.

So that your ride can serve you well in the long run. We are offering some viable fixes to tackle the defective tires of your sector 750. Make sure you discuss your problems with a seasoned mechanic in case it’s needed.


Execute regular checks on the tires. If you see anything fishy then replace the tires with no delay. Never compromise on the suitable pressure of your tires as well. Always protect the rims and for that rely on huge tires that are beneficial.


Is the Hisun sector a good vehicle?

Yes, Hisun sector 750 is a good vehicle. There can be many reasons for it. There is no doubt that Hisun Sector 750 is a capacious ride and it handles offroading well. The bed gives you enough room to navigate the gear as you want. The engine works best for hilly terrains. It’s among the most fast-paced offroading vehicles that offer you a comfortable and nostalgic ride.

What is the Top Speed of the Hisun Sector 750?

The top speed is 30mph. When acceleration is at its initial. It will give you a smooth performance. Some of the soft terrains would easily go with 30moh. However, when the terrain is rugged. You would experience an increase in its pace as well.

Wrapping It Up

Have in mind that almost all offroading vehicles have their own setbacks for you. However, some problems need proper maintenance for rectification. So it’s never a good choice to ignore your ride’s maintenance.

Offroadcare’s motive behind this discussion was to get you familiar with common Hisun Sector 750 problems. So that you cannot only learn about these problems, but also can attend to them with our recommended solutions.

We suggest you properly troubleshoot these issues if they occur. All in all, owners of Hisun Sector 750 are happy with their rides. However, the issues with it are a fact that cannot be neglected.

As mentioned earlier, the common problems with the engine, transmission, and brakes.

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