5 Common Hisun UTV Problems With Solutions

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Hisun UTV Problems: Learn about the fixes!

Hisun UTV is among the most experienced producers of dirt ATVs. Its UTVs are also incredible in their performance. The company has produced huge lineups of offroading vehicles on a large scale.

You must shortlist Hisun UTVs when it comes to offroading hauls. The products from the company are mid-range. Offer competency when they need to function normally. Always you need to know about Hisun UTV Problems before the buying.

Hisun UTV Problems: Learn about the fixes!

The properties of these vehicles would be attractive to off-roading enthusiasts. However, there are some certain and obvious issues with the Hisun UTV. We are going to elaborate on the Hisun UTV problems for you in this post. So that you can have a vivid idea for making a purchase of Hisun UTV. Also, there are corresponding fixes to these problems that you must consider.

Let’s get started without further delay!

So this post will talk to you about all the Hisun UTV Problems.

The common Hisun UTV Problems are:

  • Engine and Exhaust Get Overheated
  • Engine Starting Problem
  • Unusual Transmission/Loosened Bolts/No Dampeners
  • Less Engine Power
  • Poor Functioning Of Engine

We are going to have a detailed discussion of these problems. Don’t worry, you can solve these issues with authentic information and guidance.

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1. Engine and Exhaust Get Overheated

It’s among the highest reported problem of the Hisun owners. The engine or the exhaust of the vehicle would undergo peculiar overheating. These systems are crucial for the longevity of an offroading vehicle.

So in this case, you must pay heed to such arising issues. The engine might be experiencing extra load recently. That would increase its temperature. Less engine coolant can also be the reason for engine overheating.

Some electrical issues with the fan can also fail to lower the temperature of the engine.


Make sure to clean the radiator for all the gunk. The grille screens also need to be in good shape to avoid overheating problems. Also, check the hood compartment if it’s dirty or not. Adjust the radiator towards the front fan. So that it will be in constant contact with the air.

2. Engine Starting Problem

The engine would fail to start normally. Sometimes it would start slowly. This is another common problem with the Hisun UTV.  You must know about all the dimensions of this problem for quick catering.

So that you could respond to it responsibly at the right time. The offroading vehicle would be always in a need of the perfect amount of fuel in its system. Lack of fuel would not let it start naturally.

Another big reason behind this problem is the worn-out battery. It does not let the vehicle make smooth turns. The performance would be jarring. Water in the fuel tank can be the main reason.

Since this problem mostly occurs during winter. Try to avoid moisture in the system of the vehicle.


Have a quick look at the fuel system. Check the counterparts of the system one by one.  Also, the ECU motor scan needs regular checks as well. You must replace the blocked system or individual parts with new ones. Another solution is to use appropriate oils that contain different ranges of viscosities.

Hisun UTV Problems: Learn about the fixes!

3. Unusual Transmission/Loosened Bolts/No Dampeners

Now, this is a large group of problems. The owners have experienced a peculiar transmission. Also, the bolts would come off over time. The suspension would be functioning poorly with the loss of dampeners.

These are among the minute troublemakers. The transmission problems occur when the filters have been blocked with gunk in some cases. The blocked system would produce jarring transmission.

It would become under the pressure of the blocked system. The issues with the bolts and dampeners would be due to overuse of the vehicle.


It’s suitable to keep a record of the performance of the transmission system. Also, remove the blockages in the system to lift the strain on the transmission. Tighten the bolts and always use dampeners for suspension.

4. Less Engine Power

The engine loses its performance due to a lack of power to it. There can be many reasons for the lack of power. There might be not enough fuel in the system. Sometimes the injector would be blocked as well.

The crankshaft can also be damaged. The ignition system can also undergo defects. All the reasons would be behind the less engine power.


Make sure to check the fuel tank. There should be sufficient fuel in the tank. Also, there must be no blockages in the system. The ignition coil and spark plugs might be needing replacement, which would help you avoid such problems.

Hisun UTV Problems

5. Poor Functioning Of the Engine

Sometimes the engine would be giving you a tough time with its performance. The engine would spontaneously stop during offroad hauls. The problems with the engine are the most experienced issues as per the customer feedback.

The engine mostly acts up during cold temperatures. Some owners have encountered the complete failure of the engine. There is a direct link with the fuel system of the engine.

In this case, either the injector would be faulty or there would be something fishy with the fuel tank. The battery can be the main culprit as well.


Make sure the fuel tank is completely full. The harness must be in good shape. The electrical parts need intermittent checkups for efficient performance.

Hisun UTV: Honest Reviews

The model has been a favorite of the owners. They have been awe-struck by its super performance. The way this UTV manages the offroad terrains is uncanny. Such UTVs are also beginner-friendly.

The Hisun UTV comes in an affordable price range. Paving an easier path for the owners to have equal access to this UTV. The owners believe that their UTV stays true to its claims.

Since the company has been modifying the attributes on a large scale. The company has made great efforts to make it a heart stealer for the owners. The acceleration and the engine braking are some attractive highlights for the owners.

The vehicle never compromises the comfort level. Even if you are using it on less RPM. However, there are certain problems with the UTV. Make sure you have been well-versed in these problems.

So that you won’t be scratching your head later if they occur abruptly. It’s recommended to not implement any non-validated fixes. Since it can further complicate the problem for you. Always rely on tried and tested solutions.


Is it reliable to purchase Hisun UTV?

Yes, it is. You can handle the machine really well on off-road terrains. The vehicle never loses its balance when needed on unpaved tracks. The UTV boasts premium specs for the owners. The suspension is flexible to adjust. Also, the brakes are quick. The vehicles from Hisun are efficient in the engine braking system. Every control of the UTV’s system is remarkable at its job.

Who produces Hisun’s engine?

Hisun depends on Chongqing Huansong Industrial Co. for the production of its engines. The company itself is a leading producer of robust offroad engines. The firm is operational in China.

What is the pace of Hisun UTV?

The top speed of Hisun UTV is 50mph. The engine is a robust 229cc that comes with a flexible throttle limiter. It means you can regulate the throttle as per your requirements. Some drivers would use the throttle limiter according to the offroad tracks as well.

What type of motor does Hisun use in the UTVs?

The motor of Hisun UTV is a 735cc four-stroke EFI that gives incredible power and thrust to the vehicle It has a four-wheel drive with EPS. This is for the smooth glide on the offroad trails. The motor is sufficient enough to empower you for successful offroading hauls.

Is Cub Cadet a product of Hisun?

Yes. Hisun was the producer of Cub Cadet. The company had been hired to make some changes in the chassis just like the Rhino. The company’s solutions were viable for the modifications of the UTV’s chassis. Ever since its proposals have been fruitful for the performance and acceptance of different Cub Cadets for the owners.

Summing It Up

Hisun is a well-established brand for rugged and beastly offroading vehicles. The company successfully leverages its workforce to meet the expectations of the consumer base.

There is no doubt that the company itself has great contribution to making its UTVs up to the mark for the users. So that they can have the best offroading experiences of their lives.

The technicians are responsible for administering quality control right from the beginning till the end. Owing to this reason, the company has never slightly compromised on quality.

However, have in mind that the problems of Hisun UTVs are a fact. We have shared with you typical problems that previous users have faced with their Hisun UTVs.

In our post, you will also find suitable solutions to resolve these problems. In case when there are no desired results, you can take the support of professional help. It’s better to not be oblivious to these problems.

Since these can grow in size for you. Leading to expensive repairing and more investment in labor costs. Try to address these problems earlier when they have just started.

Your vehicle is your responsibility. Intermittent maintenance and mechanical checkups or testing would serve you longer.

Now drive your Hisun UTV fearlessly like never before!!

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