5 Common Cub Cadet Challenger 550 Problems with Solutions

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Cub Cadet Challenger 550

The brands like Cub Cadet have millions of admirers worldwide. Their premium ATVs are making hundreds of lives feasible. The company launched its products dating back to 1961.

Cub Cadet is also showing off their UTVs recently. These beasts are unmatched for their comfort, performance, and many other attributes.

Cub Cadet Challenger 550

Cub Cadet accepts the challenge of offroading hauls. Rugged and unpaved tracks cannot stand the Cub Cadet’s machines. The company focuses on the enhancements of these beasts just for your fun and safety.

Despite everything favorable about these machines. We are going to discuss some of their setbacks. No doubt, these are the most reported Cub Cadet challenger 550 problems.

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Cub Cadet Challenger 550: Brief Overview

Challenger 500 is a minor model as compared to its other siblings. Another difference comes in the entire framing of these models. Challenger 550 has a huge exterior, unlike others.

The suspension is four-wheel and flexible. The fun with this ride increases due to the digital display on the dashboard. Besides, there is a bumper guard to ensure safety.

Now, let’s get into the common problems mentioned below!

Common Cub Cadet Challenger 550 Problems

  • Gear Shifting Is Bad
  • Challenger 550 won’t Start Normally
  • The engine Shuts Down Spontaneously
  • Steering System Is Flawed
  • Vehicle Generates Less Power

1. Gear Shifting Is Bad

Shifting problems with your ride can put your life in danger. A faulty shiting is a typical issue with the challenger 550. Some owners have felt a loud noise coming from the gear.

Especially in situations when you need to move the gear in forward and backward directions. Also, this can happen while your challenger 550 is on the run.

The owners have also told that the gear won’t work normally with the accelerator. There are some common reasons behind gear shifting problems. Sometimes corrosion can prevail over the transmission.

Leading to gear-shifting fluctuations. Also, damaged bearings can result in this problem too. So now you know the two main culprits behind this problem.


Make sure to replace the bearings and keep the systems from rusting. Conduct regular maintenance checkups to avoid these problems with gear shifting.

2. Challenger 550 Won’t Start Normally

This is another problem with this model. Let’s face it! Challengers from Cub Cadet are getting huge in configuration. Owing to this reason, these are now more prone to abrasion.

During cold temperatures, the engine won’t naturally start. The cold temperatures also impact the pull cord as per the reviews of some users. The engine can also produce an irksome sound during your attempts to start your challenger 550.


There are different types of starting fluids available to solve this problem. Also, seek mechanical assistance to address the engine problems as early as possible.

3. Engine Shuts Down Spontaneously

Abrupt shutting down of your challenger 550 while off-roading can be hectic. This is another most reported issue of this model. The engine won’t indicate anything before turning off automatically.

So consider this a silent problem of challenger 550. Some owners replaced their engine oils with others. These were of no use since the problem was still there. So if you are planning to change the engine oils. Don’t waste your time and check out our proposed solution below!


Read the manual to see if the filter needs a quick replacement or not. If yes then follow the manual’s instructions. If this does not solve the problem then a mechanic would surely help you with this.

4. Steering System Is Flawed

Steering issues might seem mundane to this model. However, the steering can give you a tough time when you are on a move. So it’s better to know about it before it abandons you helpless on a terrain.

Despite its sturdy steering system. Challenger 550 can still undergo related issues. The steering cannot be turned easily as usual. This can complicate your off-roading hauls to a large extent.


Steering issues have no possible solution by far. It’s an expensive issue to get addressed. Mechanical assistance can also not help you narrow down this flaw of the challenger 550. So it’s better to be prepared to face this issue.

5. Vehicle Generates Less Power

One of the major use cases of challenger 550 is in agriculture. Its configuration is suitable to run around the countryside ranches and small to big farms.

However, it can let you down in terms of power production. The vehicle can be slow-paced in some cases. Its mileage also reduces to 50 miles or so. Have in mind that the challenger 550 is not a racing vehicle.

It’s made to roam. Glide smoothly on agricultural tracks. Owing to this reason, it offers less pace. In case, you need something rigorous in speed. The challenger 550 is not an ideal choice to make.


There is no such solution available for this problem.

Cub Cadet Challenger 550: Pros

Before we discuss the pros of this model. Let’s make it clear that the challenger 550 has its own shortcomings. However, its weak points should not let you overlook its benefits.

There are certain areas in which the challenger 550 can outperform several other roaming vehicles easily.

So let’s jump onto the pros in a bit!!!

  • The challenger 550 comes within an affordable price range. The performance offered by the model as compared to its price is radicle. Unlike other competitors of the challenger 550. Its price-to-performance ratio is impressive.
  • The obstacles during offroading hauls can be easily catered to. This is due to its differential lock system. The differential lock needs special care from your end. Since it can fasten the steering.
  • The challenger 550 is not shaky. It faces the obstacles like big rocks and wooden logs with the utmost stability and composure.

Cub Cadet Challenger 550: Cons

This section will impart knowledge about the cons of challenger 550. These are some certain drawbacks that you must be aware of besides the benefits of this machine.

  • The gear shifting can act up involuntarily meanwhile spoiling your offroading adventures
  • The engine might take some while to start in some cases during winter
  • The engine can also shut down without manual command that might need a quick replacement later
  • Steering problems are also common including discordant steering that would be difficult to turn
  • Generates less power since it’s engineered only for roaming purposes

Cub Cadet Challenger 550: User’s Opinion

The owners have loved all the attributes of the challenger 550. However, its gear shiting has been a struggle for the owners. The gear does not work unless they use the accelerator.

The belt slippage of challenger 550 is another reported issue in the reviews of some drivers. The transmission can be greatly damaged due to corrosion. The bearings undergo faults due to which the vehicle won’t roam normally on the field tracks.

These issues can also result in terrible gear shifting. Some of the owners replaced the bearings and wirings. This resulted in a slight improvement for them. Also, the transmission and the gear shifting also progressed in terms of performance.

It’s important to know that many owners have recommended keeping a record of the performance of the challenger 550. Some problems have no cure. However, some imperfections of the challenger 550 can be solved easily.


Are challengers from the Cub Cadet in use today?

Yes, these are still in use today. The challenger lineup from Cub Cadet has no parallel in terms of efficiency and comfort. The challengers can be a brain-teaser when it comes to the engine and steering. However, these are inspiring for roaming purposes.

What is the price range of the Cub Cadet Challenger 550?

The average price range of the Cub Cadet challenger 550 is $16,499. The other variants of challenger 550 can be high-priced. Keep in mind that you might have to face different price ranges from the dealers.

Do Cub Cadet machines perform better than Toro?

The Cub Cadet’s decks are not as comfortable as the Toro ones. The engine displacement offered by Cub Cadet is much more reliable and higher. The products from Toro are much more expensive than Cub Cadet. For instance, the zero-turn mower from Toro is not affordable if you consider buying it.

Wrapping It Up

We recommend not ignoring the downsides of the Cub Cadet Challenger 550. Owing to this reason, we are giving you its pros and cons in this discussion. You can trust us with the performance of challenger 550.

Regardless of its shortcomings. Challenger 550 can stun you with this comfort and durability. The vehicle does not compromise its performance on all counts. The company also offers you a long-term warranty on the vehicle.

However, the decision is yours in the end. Some people don’t like to take a risk. So they don’t rely on the attributes of the challenger 550.

We have got you familiar with different aspects of challenger 550. Don’t forget to completely explore the drawbacks of this model. In case, you ever face such problems. You can execute our solutions to solve them easily.

Have enthusiastic roaming with Cub Cadet challenger 550

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