Toyota’s New Venture: A Corolla-Based Pickup?

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Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota is contemplating the launch of a Corolla-based compact pickup truck.
  2. The new pickup aims to rival the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz.
  3. Anticipated release in 2027, with production at Toyota’s Mississippi plant.

Toyota, a name synonymous with reliability and innovation, is reportedly mulling over the idea of introducing a new member to its vehicle family. This isn’t just any vehicle but a compact pickup truck inspired by the Corolla.

With the Tacoma and Tundra already dominating the mid-size and full-size segments, this move signifies Toyota’s intent to capture the smaller, crossover-based pickup market.

A Nostalgic Touch?

While the name of this potential pickup remains a mystery, there’s speculation that Toyota might delve into its rich history for inspiration.

The name ‘Stout’ comes to mind, a throwback to the 1960s when Toyota first introduced a small pickup under this moniker in the U.S. If this is the case, it would be a delightful blend of the past and the future.

Design and Powertrain Insights

Drawing parallels with the Ford Maverick’s relationship with the Bronco Sport and the Hyundai Santa Cruz’s with the Tucson, the Corolla-based pickup might share components with the Corolla Cross subcompact SUV. This suggests a design that marries the practicality of a five-seat crew-cab with the utility of a short cargo bed.

When it comes to power, Toyota’s inclination towards hybrid technology is well-known. It’s plausible that the Corolla Cross’ 196-hp, all-wheel-drive hybrid setup, boasting an impressive EPA combined rating of 42 mpg, could be the heart of this pickup.

However, to cater to the demands of a pickup, this powertrain might receive some enhancements, especially in the towing and payload departments.

Production and Release Speculations

While it’s still early days, and the pickup’s debut might be a few years down the line, it’s believed that a revamped Corolla Cross would influence its design.

Interestingly, while the Corolla Cross finds its origin in Toyota’s joint factory with Mazda in Alabama, sources indicate that this new pickup would roll off the assembly lines at Toyota’s Mississippi plant.

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